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Discover Britain - the country, its life, its issues


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Essential information for tourists and visitors planning a trip to Britain.  

Britain is different..... so they say. And even if many aspects of life in Britain will be familiar to people from othe countries, others will not.  There's Sterling, the British currency, to start with.  And even if the time is long past when a British pound was divided into shillings and pennies, it's good to know what a pound is worth and how prices are referred to. And there's driving on the left, or discovering British eating habits... and drinking habits, or what to do in an emergency in Britain.  All this is useful and even essential information for anyone planning a visit to the UK.

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British institutions, and the main issues of the day  

A section for students and anyone wishing to understand how Britain works.
Britain is deeply divided over the issue of Brexit. As the deadline for Britain leaving European Union draws nearer, polls suggest that a majority of people in the UK now do not want Brexit to happen Discover the arguments.
   But in this part of, you can also discover Britain's institutions, Parliament, politics, the Health Service, local administration, and other aspects of governance.  And understand why Britain is one of the very few countries in the world that does not have a constitution.

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Where to go in Britain - cities, areas, countryside

Britain is not just London.

In this section, discover what to do and see in London, and how to make the most of a visit to the British capital. But find out about the other great cities in the United Kingdom, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and more, or Oxford and Cambridge; and discover the wealth of diversity of the British countryside, from the thatched cottages of the southwest to the mountains and moors of the north.
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Heritage tourism - Visiting Britain by theme

For visitors and for domestic tourists, where are the best museums, the best cathedrals, and the best of other kinds of attraction?

With thousands of years of history, Britain has a fabulous historic heritage. has selected the best attractions among the hundreds of thousands that Britain has to offer – the best museums and art galleries, the best castles, the best cathedrals, the best living history museums, the best steam railways, and more..
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New: academic.  A new selection of academic articles and papers in the trans-disciplinary field of British area studies.  Contemporary British studies, British culture, politics, society and social issues, economics. Academic articles accessible to a general reading public. Open for submissions..

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